As a young man, Lucien felt in love with Paris. He lived in the city for a while. He still does occasionally. You will find traces of his passage in his hotel. Objects, letters, books. Often simple, sophisticated sometimes. A hotel like a home, full of souvenirs. A place to build yours. Welcome at Lucien’s.

The Hotel

Lucien wanted his place to be located in the vibrant hearth of Paris. Twenty-two rooms, in a small and very Parisian building from the late 17th century. At the junction of the 2nd and 10th arrondissements, the place to be for artists, foodies, hipsters, in an area in the process of gentrification but still heterogeneous and full of life.

His hotel looks like a guest house. A piano, leather vintage sofas, flowers, a few tables, Italian coffee, Belgian biscuits, architecture books. At night, the living room glows when arriving from the nearby darker narrow streets. Your stories and souvenirs will here get to meet the ones of other guests.

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A narrow stair marked by the passage of time…a comfortable bed, a few pictures, paintings and ceramics. No television – Lucien prefers real life in Paris or watching a movie on his tablet.

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Family, friends and neighbors. All of high importance for Lucien. Exit the hotel through the narrow Rue Sainte Foy, you will reach a charming little square where Edgar has installed his barreto and his restaurant. Plunge in the passage du Nil to reach the Rue du Nil full of foodies’ delicatessen : a bakery, a butcher, restaurants, wine bars, groceries. Go towards rue du Faubourg Poissonnière or du Faubourg Saint Denis to explore islands of trendy café’s floating in a sea of vibrant multiethnic places.

Walk further to the small streets of the Marais (15 minutes’ walk from the hotel), to the Louvre (20 minutes), to the River Seine (20 minutes). If you feel lazy, the tube is just a few steps away (Metro Strasbourg-Saint Denis, lines 4, 8 and 9).

Lucien is waiting for you

  • 1 rue Chénier
  • 75002 Paris
  • France